Monday, 18 June 2012

past in present

i'm delighted to have my work included in past in present, an online project that explores revivalism in contemporary art and discusses the influence of the nineteenth century on current artists.  the project is an element of the courtauld institute of art research forum project, revival: utopia, memory, identity.  this part of the project, entitled towards a neo-victorian interior was curated by sonia solicari, senior curator at the guildhall art gallery, london. click the link below to reach the virtual exhibition and accompanying text:

in her essay, the curator writes that "valentine’s work in turn challenges the idea of the victorian keepsake beauties – generic prints of women published in show-piece books – by creating unnerving hybrid beasts presented in cabinet-sized frames that at once reference and undermine the respectable victorian parlour wall display."

Saturday, 16 June 2012

this is where my mysterious pony girls might live...
a delightful flying house by the amazing french photographer laurent chehere
you can see more floating homes here: