Thursday, 7 July 2011

meadow life

one afternoon in the secret meadow

bumblebee on cat's ear

wild garlic


red soldier beetle on freckled skin

naughty bee watching soldier beetles having it off. on knapweed.

injured ruby tiger moth

also spotted since march but not captured in a photograph:

beautiful skylarks, singing
giant blue dragonflies
mayflies who only live for a day
banded desmoiselles, with delicate cellophane wings
swallows plus fledglings
house martins
tiny pipistrelle bats swooping low over the river at night
great spotted woodpecker
a kingfisher (at last)
tiny shrews
herons, mostly on one leg
arctic terns
queen anne's lace
great crested grebes and stripey babies
yellow flag iris
egyptian geese
ox eye daisies
mandarin ducks
fairy ring champignons
our kestrel
devil's bit scabious
a golden pheasant, dead the next day
delightful cormorants
a giant dead bream, stinking
a female stag beetle
tufted vetch
hundreds of cinnabar moths
ribwort plantain
perfect glowing poppies
brambles, very soon ready
a murder of crows 

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  1. Lovely, lovely! There have been several stork sightings here in Poland, and giant nests balancing on top of poles xx