Friday, 4 February 2011

etsy blog


i am absolutely delighted that etsy have featured my work in an article on their blog.

..."the project involves politely defacing english and european cabinet photographs from the victorian era, creating a darkly humorous yet poignant set of memento mori that raise questions about identity, sexuality, memory and mortality". kitty describes the process of delicately painting animal and bird skulls onto the faces of the deceased as breathing new life into them, while simultaneously representing a kind of double-death. 

she draws upon victorian obsessions such as spiritualism, seances, deception, religion and the morbid sense of curiosity evoked by carnival freaks and sideshow attractions. the resulting image may be fearful or comic, poignant or endearing, depending on the viewer's response. "this ambiguity relates to the conflicting perceptions of victorian public and private behaviour — a subject which fascinates me."

to read the full article, please click on this link:

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  1. I love these pieces, I saw them benig sold in the indoor Brick Lane market and had to check out your blog. The rocking horse is amazing.

    Ellen at The Raven and the Cellar Door